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  • Welcome // BEST H20 inc.

    Your solution center for your water treatment, solid handling and dewatering,
    as well as services and optimisation of your existing equipment.

    H20 Technologies
  • Welcome // BEST H20 inc.

    Wastewater is treated in industrial-scale wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs)
    which may include physical, chemical and biological treatment processes.

    Water Treatment
  • Welcome // BEST H20 inc.

    For municipal and industrial facilities, we offer highly efficient and low
    cost systems for pure, clean water production.

    Treatment processes
  • Welcome // BEST H20 inc.

    Aqseptence Group Diemme Filtration Company manufactures a complete range of filter
    presses able to satisfy even the most difficult filtration requirements.

    Best industries standards
  • Welcome // BEST H20 inc.

    Screw presses are used in a wide variety of separation or dewatering applications.
    Full service and press rebuilds are also offered.

    Best industries standards
  • Johnson Screens
  • FKC
  • Filtronics
  • FBC technologies
  • Diemme Filtration
  • Ultra Violet
  • United Blower